Comparing Students' Scores Pre/Post Quality Matters Certification for Program Quality Assurance


Nursing faculty responsible for the Quality Assurance (QA) of one of our state’s largest online nursing programs will present a Quality Talk. Our question is “What is the difference in students’ scores before and after QM certification for the eight core courses of an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program?” We will use story-telling technique to share transformation of online courses into a complete QM certified program for registered nurses (RNs) earning a BSN. QA, systematic monitoring and evaluation of program wide implementation of QM standards, began with comparison of pre/post QM certification students’ scores. Faculty will present graphics comparing aggregate data from students’ scores in each core course three semesters before and after QM certification. Total scores and scores of civic-engagement integrated practice projects (IPP) and other major projects for each course will be compared. The program coordinator will describe how incorporating QM into core courses was a tool for faculty’s professional growth and development. The audience will be asked to propose additional strategies for maintaining nursing program QA after a think-pair-share activity.

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