2018 QM Connect Conference

What Quality Looks Like in Technology-Enhanced Education: Views from CAOs

Chief Academic Officers have responsibility for the quality in their courses, programs and faculty involved in technology-enhanced education. What are the benchmarks that count and how do they know they are hitting them? What does a comprehensive approach to quality assurance look like from their vantage point? How do they know if they are offering students a quality learning experience? CAOs from institutions with significant commitments to quality in technology-enhanced education will offer their views on how they have navigated the quality question.

Quality Assurance, Education Policy and Regulation

This fireside chat-style conversation will provide insight into national regulatory and policy intentions and practices related to quality assurance and new forms of teaching and learning. Considering the rapid growth of alternative providers of education, the conversation will turn to questions about what quality assurance might look like in the future as higher education and alternative providers begin to "share" students. Will we see more collaboration between them and who is responsible for quality in that relationship?

Academic Integrity in an Interconnected World

Academic institutions seem to be facing an accelerating threat to integrity and, consequently, to the credibility of academic degrees (especially those earned online). Growing in both number and scope, these incidents include - but go well beyond - student cheating. For example, acquisition and sale of an institution's course material, such as assignments and exams, appears to be increasing through both the manipulation of students to share materials and cyber attacks.

The Competitive Potential of Local and Regional Online Programs: Clues from the CHLOE Survey

How can local and regional online programs thrive in an increasingly competitive environment led by nationally focused enterprise-level programs? This session goes beyond describing various sectors' current online learning practices and articulated future plans. Based on findings from the CHLOE (Changing Landscape of Online Education) surveys, the facilitator will identify strengths and opportunities that local and regional institutions may not be not taking full advantage of and vulnerabilities they need to address.

On Quality AND Student Success: The Dream Team

The last 10 years have seen the rise of large-scale student success efforts focused on helping more and more diverse students finish what they start in higher education. In this presentation, we'll explore how quality online and blended learning - including competency-based options - have expanded access and success in higher education. Next, we'll dive into how the digital signal coming from these efforts has informed and improved student success work, especially advising and strategic-nudging outreach.