How Goldilocks and the Three Bears used Quality Matters to bolster their Quality Assurance Program_PPTX_Holt_Lum


Our university launched several initiatives to improve online education quality including adopting the Quality Matters (QM) standards for online course design, and creation of the Faculty Fellows (2017-2012). Two new initiatives are featured: (1) Quarterly Applying Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) Workshops and, (2) A series of 40 workshops offered weekly focusing on assessment, accessibility and technical skills. The establishment of these categories was created to support a QM based Master Course Template for the Learning Management System.The outcomes of the workshops have been positive. Workshop evaluations show that content and delivery of the materials have been appropriate. However, the progress has been slow but steady and resource intensive. We have seen the majority of faculty shift from a general lack of understanding of quality online education to an increasingly sophisticated group who request more opportunities for professional development. At the same time faculty face a challenge for meeting their needs for professional development due to the myriad number of tasks required for faculty members to teach their classes, conduct their research, and perform service. The challenge for administration is shrinking resources.  Two QM fairy tales will be presented as metaphors of quality assurance.

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