Online Quality Course Design vs. Quality Teaching: Aligning Quality Matters Standards to Principles of Good Teaching


Survey participants were asked to align the Quality Matters (QM) higher education rubric standards with the seven (7) principles for good practice in undergraduate education developed by Chickering and Gamson (1987).  Participants reviewed the QM higher education rubric standards and categorized them into the seven (7) principles based on their perception and experience.  The participants were faculty, instructional designers, online program coordinators, directors of centers for teaching and learning and other educational professionals. Findings noted good alignment with the majority of the principles for good teaching.  However, participants indicated the smallest alignment between the QM standards and the following two principles of good teaching: 1) Gives Prompt Feedback and 2) Emphasizes Time on Task.  Findings also noted an eighth principle of good teaching: Professionalism.

Presenter First Name:
Tena B. Crews
Presenter Last Name:
Kelly Wilkinson