Reconstructing the Table: Designing Culturally Affirming Online Learning Communities at an HBCU Through Quality Matters


This session will take the format of a panel discussion framed by Gay's (2010) six attributes of culturally responsive teaching. The five-member panel will provide concrete examples of online instructional design and subsequent delivery practices that are reflective of Gay's six attributes of culturally responsive learning environments being validating, comprehensive, multi-dimensional, empowering, transformative, and emancipatory. Examples presented will simultaneously highlight the aligned QM Rubric Standards that support the use of each of these attributes in the design of online courses at North Carolina Central University. 

Through their participation, session attendees will receive examples of how instructors and instructional designers could practically apply Gay's attributes and QM Rubric Standards to (re)create online learning environments that are culturally affirming. Attendees will provide feedback to the NCCU team to help inform an upcoming ethnographic study regarding the use of culturally affirming instructional design practices across multiple institutional types.

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Zakaria Jouaibi, Laurell Malone, Gail Hollowell, Larrisha McGill-Youngblood

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