'You Want Me to do What?': How to Create Amazingly Clear and Impactful Assignments with QM Standards


Imagine that you are at your first day in a new college course. What is the first thing you look over? Without a doubt, it is the course syllabus, the provided road map of every course that has the innate ability to make or break a student's experience. More specifically, the assignments required are what we are essentially drawn to and focus in on throughout a course. Are they interesting? Are they confusing? Are they overwhelming? 

All learners are a bit different. However, what might a perfect assignment look like? Can we please all learners in developing assignment instructions? Research tells us that students perform better on assignments that provide instructions that are more detailed. Moreover, this is especially true in online assignments where lines of communication are often more limited. However, what are the other factors involved regarding assignment instructions? What are the QM standards regarding assignments?

This presentation will help answer many of the proposed questions through valid student research. In addition, topics regarding objectives, alignment, clarity, purpose, critical thinking, and details will be examined as they relate to assignment instructions and QM. In conclusion, participants will brainstorm a checklist to follow when developing assignment instructions to ensure your assignments are (without a doubt) clear and effective.

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