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A Journey Through QM Design and Development: Intertwined Stories of a Faculty Member and a Developer

This interactive session will focus on the University of Northern Iowa Online Course Development Award process of implementing Quality Matters and the partnership between faculty and instructional developer. The partnership is a foundation for thinking about and applying the course design principles of the QM Rubric.

A Survey of Tried and Tested Technology Tools in Undergraduate Online Business Courses

Listen to how two business professors have merged tools supplied by their Learning Management System (LMS) together with publisher teaching assets to achieve QM Standard 4.5 - “A variety of instructional materials is used in the course.” This Standard requires us to sort through instructional technology tools to use in our courses.  In this poster session, we will explain Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) in introductory Economics and Marketing classes, and link them to QM Standard 6.1.

AccessAbility: 5 Steps to an Accessible Syllabus

Are you interested in meeting QM Standard 8.3 by improving the accessibility of your course syllabus? Join me for this hands-on session where we'll explore the accessibility features in Microsoft Word.   You'll have plenty of practice time during the session, so please bring your own computer.  Included for your information is a link to WA SBCTC's Access 101: Introduction to Accessibility Training Course Materials

Baby Steps: Ways to Build QM Interest in a Research University Without Breaking the Bank

In universities with a large focus on research, it can be difficult to get faculty to concentrate on the teaching that occurs in their classrooms, and it is even more difficult to get them to look at the quality of their online courses.  This session will focus on ideas that need your time, meeting spaces, online communities, and, hopefully, a Quality Matters subscription, but very little financial investment on the part of your department.

Connecting the Dots to Create a Quality Map for Online Programs

As those of us well versed in QM know, the primary focus of the rubric is design. While quality design is an essential component of a quality online program, it is not the only component required to achieve overall quality assurance. Those of us who have taken the APPQMR would also recognize the pie image that is a trademark training piece of this workshop. While participants of the APPQMR are made aware of the fact that QM does not try to address all pieces of the pie, they are often hear about how the other pieces could be effectively addressed.

Course Design - It's a Dirty Job, but Somebody's Got to Do It

There are many things that both faculty and instructional designers do that help improve the quality of course design. In this session, we will investigate those hidden tasks and discuss how both faculty and instructional designers can work together.

Learning Objectives: After this session, participants will be able to . . .

Document the various tasks that are related to designing a course.

Evaluate the possible interactions between faculty and instructional designers to design a course.