How can I generate a Derived National Standards for Quality Online Courses Report?

If you need to show how your course meets the National Standards for Quality Online Courses, QM has a free reporting option to help. If your courses have been officially reviewed by QM, or you have used our Course Review Management System to informally review a course, you can generate a derived National Standards for Quality Online Courses Report with your QM Review Final Report.

You can share reports via email or PDF. It's no longer necessary to go through multiple outside vendors in order to review your courses against different sets of standards.

Uses for the Report:
  • Publishers: Show your clients how your courses stack up to QM and National Standards for Quality Online Courses in a single review.
  • Schools and Districts: See how your courses, or courses you purchase, measure up against two different sets of nationally recognized standards.
Generate Your Report Today
  • Log in to MyQM
  • View a Closed Course review
  • Select View Alternate Report
  • Select NSQ Courses derived report from the drop down menu
  • Click “Create Alternate Report”

This derived standards report is the culmination of months of work from a number of subject matter experts and other contributors. 

For a demonstration, contact the K-12 Program Director.