How can I generate an iNACOL Derived Standards Report?

If you need to show how your course meets iNACOL standards, QM has a free reporting option to help you. If you've had your courses officially reviewed by QM, or you have used our Course Review Management System to informally review a course, you can generate a derived iNACOL Standards Report with your QM Review Final Report.

You can share reports via e-mail or PDF. It's no longer necessary to go through multiple outside vendors in order to review your courses against different sets of standards.  

Uses for the Report:
  • Publishers: Show your clients how your courses stack up to QM and iNACOL standards in a single review
  • Schools and Districts: See how your courses, or courses you purchase, measure up against two different sets of nationally recognized standards
Generate Your Report Today
  • Log in to MyQM
  • View a Closed Course review
  • Select View Alternate Report
  • Select iNACOL derived report from drop down menu
  • Click “Create Alternate Report”

This derived standards report is the culmination of months of work from a number of subject matter experts and other contributors. Read more about how the report was developed.

For a demonstration, contact the K-12 Program Director.