What is "My Custom Reviews" (MyCR)?

MyCR is accessed through MyQM. It's an online tool exclusive to QM members that allows you to manage your own course design reviews using rubrics you design.

Pick and choose from QM's standards, use your own, or both!

MyCR features the same great peer review features as QM's Course Review Management System with you at the controls. You'll have a robust, fully-featured tool that includes:

  • Integrated review applications:  With the right membership, anyone with a MyQM account affiliated with your organization can begin a custom review quickly and easily.
  • Customizable review worksheets:  Design your own forms to capture the information your review team needs — in advance.
  • Reviewer assignment:  Assign as many or as few reviewers as you like to a review team.
  • Customizable rubrics:  Pick and choose from QM's standards, use your own, or both! All active QM rubrics (for your subscribed programs) are available for you to select and modify as you like — including annotations. Remove standards, add standards, the choice is yours.
  • Automated e-mails:  MyCR generates e-mail notifications to everyone involved in a custom review at important steps in the process.  
  • Customizable e-mail content:  Tailor your system generated email content to your needs.
  • Aggregated feedback:  Reviewers' feedback and ratings are automatically aggregated and available in a clean, concise, easy-to-read formatted PDF that can be shared with others directly from the system.
  • Continuous improvement amendment process:  Revise and reassess as often as needed with automated workflows supporting an extended amendment review process.
  • QM Coordinator tools:  Access, track and report on all your custom reviews — open and closed — from one central interface.