Evaluating Instructors: Using QM Standards to Ensure Quality Course Delivery


This is a poster presentation.  

At many institutions, after a course is designed based upon Quality Matters (QM) standards there are often multiple sections, taught by multiple instructors, of the same course running simultaneously. At our institution, we have as many as 935 sections of courses running (both undergraduate and graduate courses) taught by 535 instructors—every session. In a system like this, ensuring quality course delivery by each section instructor can be a challenge. However, basing course delivery measurements upon QM principles can help make this a smooth and effective process. We have developed an annual performance evaluation system based upon QM standards to ascertain the quality of on-going course delivery by different section instructors of a well-designed course.  Using our poster, we will briefly show our annual review process and how QM standards can go beyond course design to assure quality in online course delivery. 

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