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Yoga as a Metaphor for Instructional Design: Using the Practice of Yoga to Explore the Collaborative Processes of Building Quality Online Courses

How does one lead a team in a collaborative process of building quality online courses? The practice of yoga provides a compelling image through which to explore the presence and work of those who lead design teams. Toward that end, the metaphor can help faculty and instructional designers begin work with a design team, assume their professional persona, work the creative process, deal with competing forces to create something new, lead difficult team members, endure complications with patience, and learn from their work. This workshop is not really about yoga, but you may learn some!

You Can Run But You Cannot Hide: Building Social Presence in Online Learning Through Voice Thread

The purposes of this study were to examine students’ perceptions of online learning and identify attributes that contributes to a sense of a community. A total of 228 students participated in the study, which attempted to determine whether students perceived a social presence in the online course as a result of using VoiceThread. Findings revealed students’ perceptions of a high-quality course were dependent upon continual communication with the instructor, a predetermined method of connecting students with one another and students’ ability to express their opinions.