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Beyond the Buzz: Recent Research on Hot Topics in Online Learning and Quality Assurance

The amount of research on online learning and quality assurance accumulates faster than anyone can keep up with it. In this session, attendees will get a summary of recent research findings on some of today's hot topics related to online learning and quality assurance that will let them see beyond the buzz to what has been found via research - and what has not - in order to put their own online learning and quality assurance agendas and efforts into practice.

Beyond Understanding: Working With Faculty to Compose Exemplary Objectives

This hands-on session will explore strategies that can be used by faculty leaders, instructional designers and trainers when working alongside faculty members to assist in
formulating course- and module-level learning objectives that are measurable, observable, attainable and appropriate for online and hybrid environments in higher education.

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Books Without Borders

If you have ever tried to tie your course competencies to specific pages and paragraphs in a required textbook, you know it is not a quick task. Once you have accomplished the task, it becomes even more difficult to motivate students when you ask them to read the first three paragraphs on page 12 and the last paragraph on page 14. This poster session is based on my solution to this cumbersome problem.

The poster session will demonstrate:

Breaking Down Barriers for Students with Quality Courses

Are you tired of learning jazzy online teaching tips that only confuse students more? Would you like to increase student completion and retention rates in your courses? Are you looking for real ideas to help break down barriers to learning for students? At the end of the presentation participants should be able to understand the basic process of QM certification and learn how it can improve student success in their courses.