QM Live! 4-Hour Sessions

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4-Hour Sessions

Improve Your SRS 8.3 Review Skills

Dive into Specific Review Standard (SRS) 8.3 with the Improve Your SRS 8.3 Review Skills workshop. During the workshop, participants will discover what reviewers should look for when determining whether or not a course meets this Standard. Ways to find that evidence will also be covered. Examples will be provided to help you hone your review skills and gain the technical expertise needed to accurately apply SRS 8.3 during the review process.

Synchronous Online Teaching

Explore best practices for synchronous online delivery during the Synchronous Online Teaching workshop. During the workshop, you will investigate ways to teach online effectively and discover how to incorporate proven practices into your courses to help both you and your students have a better online experience.
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Learn Together in a Virtual Setting

QM Live! Workshops Span a Range of Topics

Work with your peers in a facilitated, hands-on workshop to improve courses and support student success. The 2-Hour options are particularly helpful for targeting specific course design challenges. These interactive, virtual workshops are primarily available as dedicated sessions for your group — appropriate for both higher ed and K-12 educators. A limited number of open registration sessions are also available throughout the year.

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