2016 Annual Conference

No Instructional Designer! Now what?

 What does an instructor do when an IHE has no Instructional Designer on staff?


Learn how QM standards influenced the design of a new, innovative educator preparation program.  This is the IHE's only fully-hybrid designed program that is aligned to QM standards. 


We'll discuss how this program has already influened other academic departments use of QM standards; as well as, share how Quality Matters has influenced both hybrid and fully F2F course design and delivery.  


Standard Three Deep Dive: Alternative and Authentic Assessments

Assessment is a complex subject and can take many forms. Used appropriately, assessments align with course objectives and ensure those objectives are met. Which types of assessment are most appropriate? And at what time should they be administered? How can low stakes assessments be used to build mastery and confidence? How does peer assessment fit into an overall assessment strategy? How can we measure a student's ability to demonstrate real-world skills? Join us to discuss timing, strategies, techniques, and examples participants can use in their own course design.

Looking at the Impact of Quality Matters' Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Training: An Insider's Perspective

Have you attended the APPQMR workshop? Have you applied QM Standards in your own courses? If not, come and hear about the insider's secret regarding the workshop and their perspectives about QM Standards and the benefits of QM. If you have, come and share your experience with others who are passionate about QM. The presenters are eager to share the results of a study on the impact of APPQMR training with you.

Forging New Paths with QM-Infused Faculty Training

Most campuses have a faculty training or development program, and some may even have a set curriculum for that program. However, they may consider Quality Matters to be a portion of the curriculum all to itself. We have found that embedding the ideals and best practices that Quality Matters embodies?from the underlying principles to the Rubric-- into every training or faculty development event can help to promote the program's effectiveness much more than having QM be a stand-alone initiative.

The Value of Visuals: A Broader View of Standard 8

How does good visual design support the attainment of student learning outcomes? This session is for reviewers and designers who want to take the next step in understanding visual literacy in the online environment. Get a crash course in visuals that will help offer both breadth and depth when providing feedback around Specific Review Standards 4.1, 8.1, 8.4 and 8.5. Presented by Anna Lynch and Renee Petrina of Indiana University's eLearning Design & Services team. 

Raising the Bar: Leveraging Innovation to Extend Standard 8 and Advance Accessibility

One size does not fit all. This idea is especially true when designing an online course for maximum accessibility. How can we help educators power up in areas of accessible online course design in order to create a more effective learning environment for all students? Come to this session to find out how many paths we can discover to reach the same outcome. This conversation started before the presentation using the #QMPBJ hashtag on Twitter. Presenters: Renee Petrina & Anna Lynch of Indiana University's eLearning Design & Services
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