Professional Development

What are the eligibility requirements for QM-Certified Facilitators?
QM-Certified Facilitators play a key role in ensuring the quality of online and hybrid courses by facilitating select QM professional development opportunities for their institution or system. Eligibility for facilitator roles depends on a variety of factors including program, professional development requirements, completion of a role application, and more.

What are the minimum technology requirements for participating in QM professional development?
Set yourself up for success when taking QM professional development by making sure your computer and internet systems meet minimum requirements. If you plan to use a mobile device to access the QM Classroom, you'll also want to understand the requirements and limitations of doing so.

How can I be successful in completing QM professional development?
Busy schedules and competing priorities make it challenging to stay on top of the work required to successfully complete professional development courses and workshops. To achieve success and get the most out of QM professional development, follow these tips.

What are the fees for QM professional development?
Fees for courses and workshops are organized by topic and learning audience categories. You can also see if a course or workshop can be set up for dedicated and/or on-site delivery.

What are the steps to become a K-12 QM Certified Course Reviewer?
QM K-12 Course Reviewers must complete the K-12 APP and the K-12 Reviewer Course. They must also meet eligibility requirements and complete an application.

What are the steps to become a Higher Ed QM Peer Reviewer?
QM Higher Ed Peer Reviewers must have a current QM Membership, complete the APPQMR and the Peer Reviewer Course. They must also meet eligibility requirements and complete an application.

What are the policies and expectations for QM online certification courses?
QM has specific guidelines for participating, communicating and completing work in a certification course. Make sure you understand what is expected of you for being successful in these rigorous courses.

What are the policies and expectations for QM online workshops?
There are specific guidelines for communicating, completing work and participating in a QM workshop. Make sure you get off to a good start with your workshop.

What are QM Digital Credentials?
Digital Credentials issued by QM represent mastery of identified competencies in courses and workshops. They also represent achievement of QM roles. Unlike printed certificates, they can be displayed on sites like LinkedIn and shared on social media.

How do I generate a Certificate of Completion for a course or workshop that I have taken?
From MyQM, click on “My Activity” and select “Professional Development.” You will see a “Certificate” link next to any completed sessions listed under “Professional Development Taken.”