K-12 Precision Series for Engagement

This series of four highly-focused workshops centers on strategies for increasing learner engagement by examining instructional materials, course content and types of interactions. The series is offered through a dedicated session for your group, school or district. Please contact the QM Registrar to set up a dedicated session for your organization.

One-week precision workshops help you improve your course and meet your professional development goals. Both online and face-to-face teachers, as well as instructional designers and others, will benefit from these highly-focused workshops that provide tips and ideas to refresh courses and engage students in the learning process. Learn about the concept of alignment and how it creates a course design framework that promotes student success in achieving learning outcomes. Breathe new life into lessons while ensuring the content is in alignment with your curriculum. Explore active learning strategies that encourage collaboration, promote critical and creative thinking skills and apply these strategies in your course design. Plus, learn how to locate, share, and evaluate course tools and technology to motivate and engage learners.

Fee with Membership
$325 for four workshops
$525 for four workshops
Additional Information
  • Each workshop is one week long
  • Participants need a course or unit to work on
  • Plan for 6-8 hours of time per workshop

Contact QM's Registrar for information on the minimum number of participants and to set up dates for the sessions.