How Can I Maximize My Role as a QMC?
The QM Coordinator (QMC) provides leadership for implementing the QM quality assurance process. As teams and organizations progress from basic knowledge about QM Course Design Standards to Official Course Reviews and beyond, the QMC is there to provide guidance on how QM can support a robust quality assurance process that delivers results for learners.

What organizations have QM recognized Implementation Plans?
Many QM Members choose to create formal implementation plans that reflect their quality assurance goals. A Recognized QM Implementation Plan shows a commitment to utilizing the QM Rubric(s) that is documented with benchmarks.

Are there any fee increases for 2017?
After holding prices steady since 2011, QM will be adjusting member pricing in 2017. For Higher Education, there will be a nominal increase on primary membership fees only.

How do I add an affiliate to our HE System or K-12 Consortium Subscription?
Notify QM of the affiliate you would like to add by completing a simple form. You'll need to know the name and email for the new affiliate's QMC. (This form should be filled out by the Lead-QMC.)