HE Rubric & Licensing Supplementals

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HE Rubric & Licensing Supplementals

Expand the capabilities of your existing membership and offer more benefits to your faculty and staff with Higher Ed. Supplemental membership options.
Add any Rubric to expand your continuous improvement
Add the CPE Rubric to improve non-credit & competency-based learning
Add the IYOC License to save on Professional Development costs
Add QM for Students to add the QM Rubric to course curruicula
Add a Rubric: $500
HE IYOC License: $750-$1000
HE QM for Students: $300

Add Any Rubric for $500

QM gives you the option to add any Rubric — HE, K-12 Secondary, K-12 & HE Publisher, CPE — to your current membership. The CPE Rubric might be especially helpful for organizations that want to also improve the quality of their non-credit, competency-based, or continuing and professional education courses.


Grow Your Own IYOC Workshop Facilitators

Higher Ed. Full, Full-Small and System Members can purchase a supplemental license to facilitate IYOC workshops either face-to-face or online. Current Certified Facilitators can earn a credential to deliver IYOC workshops either face-to-face or online by completing the Accelerated IYOC Face-To-Face or Accelerated IYOC Online Facilitator Certification two-course. Those without current certification as Certified Facilitators can complete the IYOC Face-To-Face or IYOC Online Facilitator Certification three-course.

License With Fees Based on Subscription Level
  • Full: $1,000/yr license
  • Full (Small): $750/yr license
  • Systems: $1,000/yr plus $25 per Affiliate
Workshop Delivery Fees (Per Participant)
  • $25 Technology Fee per person (Online delivery)
  • $20 per packet per person for IYOC workshop materials (F2F delivery)
Facilitator Certification Course details (AIOFC and AIFFC)
  • Must hold current Certified Facilitator role for face-to-face or online delivery
  • $200 per Person

Table illustrates just ONE offering of IYOC online or F2F. Increased savings are realized the more times the workshop is offered.


QM Delivered

Independent Delivery


$1,200 plus Facilitator travel costs (~ $600)


$1,800 for one workshop for 20 participants

$1,000 IYOC License (Full subscription)

$200 Accelerated Facilitator Certification

$400 = $20 per folder (20 participants)

$1,600 total for ONE workshop


$3,000 = $150 per participant (20 participants)

$1,000 IYOC License (Full subscription)

$200 Accelerated Facilitator Certification

$500 = $25 tech fee per enrollment (20 participants)

$1,700 total for ONE workshop


Incorporate the QM Rubric in Post-Secondary & Graduate Courses

You can bring QM into the classroom with QM for Students. This supplemental subscription is ideal for organizations that want to incorporate QM Standards into curricula and courses for Instructional Design, or any other program.

How QM For Students Works:
  1. Each student receives a code to purchase an individual subscription for $75
  2. Faculty completes QM Coach Certification
  3. Faculty (QM Coaches) added to QM Coaches Huddle
  4. Students choose appropriate subscription
  5. Students complete QM for Students module
  6. QM Coaches use QM in class
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